The Perfect Dogfood

There’s been a lot of presentations and roadmaps drawn over the years working in a startup. Yesterday, while polishing a deck including a product roadmap, Timmu dropped me a side project idea - if there was a tool allowing non-designers to create a pretty but informative roadmap visualization, that be pretty useful. There’s of course a million component based what-you-see-is-what-you-get design builders out there, but most of them are too complex for such a task.

From a design perspective making structured content, especially time series data beautiful and readable is quite challenging. I had a lot of trouble creating an easily scannable table for one of my other projects and that could be improved a lot. Check out this Twitter thread for killer advice with design issues like that.

Anyways, I decided to give it a try and after clocking 2h into it that’s what I have so far.


I started from a landing page for a few simple reasons – setting the scope and value proposition, not final though.

It’s going to be the perfect dogfood - using it to create a roadmap that describes its own roadmap 🤯. Or just use it at work or for any future projects.

I’m thinking of turning it into something very opinionated and dead simple to use but still functional. Let’s target a minimum delightable product in ~10 hours.

Also not that there weren’t a gazillion links in this post already, I really liked Sahil’s take on building products by compounding intuition. And this is the kind of side project that I think is perfect for training that muscle.

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